Chapter 1

Thomas nervously checked the water clock that was sitting on the windowsill. It was nearly time for the ceremony. Thomas, for perhaps the thousandth time, checked that his white shirt hadn’t gotten any stains on it.  Reassured that it wasn’t any more dirty than it was since the last time he checked it, (approximately 30 seconds ago) he began to pace the floor.

What’s going to happen to me? Thomas thought. Will I be ready?

As Thomas thought these things, the water clock dropped another drop of water into the bucket, indicating another minute went by. The sound of a door being opened was heard from the front of the house.

“Thomas? Are you ready? It’s time to go!” Thomas’s father yelled.


Thomas looked around his room. If all went well, he wouldn’t be seeing this room for another 7 years. He checked his white shirt for any sign of dirt that may have gotten on in the last minute. Seeing how his shirt wasn’t in any way dirty, he walked down the stairs.


_ . _


Thomas walked down the road with his heart pounding in his chest. This was the biggest day of his life. It was time for the ceremony.

The ceremony was a time for all of the country’s brightest 15 year old students to come and gather in Toho City. There were 50 Districts in the country  of Kikoru and were numbered in order of distance from Toho City, the heart of Kikoru. One student from each district was chosen to partake in the ceremony. During the ceremony, each student would be given a choice that will decide their future.

Thomas and his father arrived at the ceremonial grounds where people were already talking among each other. Rows upon rows of chairs faced a huge stage. Sadly, Thomas would have only one supporter in the crowds. His dad. His mom died in a fire and Thomas didn’t have any friends. That was mainly because Thomas was different from the other boys in his District 42. He never fit in before.

Thomas looked at his dad. It was time for them to part ways. Thomas going to the reserved seating, and his dad going to the audience. He was surprised to find tears in his eyes. His dad never cries! Or… never did cry before.

“I’m so proud of you son. So proud.”

Thomas felt his own eyes tearing up. Then, a voice was heard on the speakers.

“Please take your seats! The Ceremony is about to begin!”

Thomas looked at his dad again. “Bye Dad. Thank you… for everything.”

Thomas’s dad nodded. “I’m proud of you, son.”

Thomas turned away and went to his seat.

A woman walked onto the stage. The Ceremony was about to begin.